Eye Glasses


Eyeglasses are not just the way to see but are also an accessory. They are something you wear every day. We would like to help you choose the perfect frame that compliments your face and coloring as well as the latest options available to enhance your vision. Thinner and lighter lenses, anti-reflective coatings, polarization, premium “no-line” bifocals, and blue blocking filters to name a few. Finding the right frame for a heavy prescription can make a big difference, or finding the correct shape lens to accommodate a progressive lens. We would love to assist you in this very important selection. We have over 800 frames in stock and we are constantly getting new styles. Our frames range from budget to designer.

Why purchase eyeglasses from your local eye doctor?

– We know your history, needs and lifestyle to provide you with the best eyeglasses
– All new frames carry a one-year manufacturers warranty
– Our pricing is competitive with frame, lens, and anti-reflective packages that start at $99.00 / pair. There are also additional multiple pair discounts available
– We are a small local practice nearby if you need an adjustment or repair
– Free adjustments and ultrasonic cleanings for eyeglasses purchased in our office
– Free nose pads and screws for eyeglasses purchased in our office
– Fashion frames from Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Guess, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Ray Ban, and many more.
– Virtually any frame can be made into prescription sunglasses