Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We do not just “fit” contact lenses in our office. We prescribe quality products and lenses to make sure you are not only comfortable but you maintain healthy eyes. We educate you in contact lens care, tailor solutions for your eyes, as well as recommend a healthy wearing schedule.

Unfortunately, we see people on a daily basis who treat their contact lenses as just another commodity. Often, they are ill prepared to tell us their solutions, contact lens brands, and special wearing schedule. Too often they did not get the specialized approach and education we offer. We insist that each patient receive a certain level of expertise in the care and hygiene of their lenses before leaving the office. There is something you simply will not get at warehouse or retail store optical departments.

We specialize in difficult to fit contacts. If you have an unusual prescription, special needs for your lenses then we would love to customize contact lenses for you. We fit toric lenses (for astigmatism), bifocal contacts and cosmetic contacts to mention a few. How long has it been since you tried different contact lenses? Our doctors pride themselves in staying current with the newest technology and can recommend the latest improvements for you.

Eye Exam vs. Contact Lens Exam

There is a difference with an eye exam and a contact lens exam. Contact lens wearers must have a contact lens exam yearly. A contact lens fitting requires more testing and time to see which contact lens would be best for each patient’s vision and comfort. Some contact lens exams are completed in one appointment, whereas others may require several follow ups. This is where we verify the lenses are fitting the eyes properly and that eyes remain healthy with contact lens wear.

What is a comprehensive exam?

A comprehensive exam is important for eye health regardless of vision correction. We check for any eye conditions as well as health conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, and hypertension. We also check vision to determine if a prescription is recommended for sharper vision.

Why do I need a contact lens exam when I have been wearing them for years?

If you want to wear contact lenses, you will need a contact lens exam as well as a comprehensive exam every year. We will perform measurements and evaluate your vision with your contact lenses. If the contact lens brand or prescription is not good for you they can damage the health of your eyes. They are a medical device that is FDA approved. Prescription contact lenses all require a prescription and is different than an eyeglass prescription!